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Can Training be Quick?

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More often than not people will feel that the time they spend training their dogs is never enough, no matter how attentive the dog is to commands. Why is that? It could be all about the mindset of the person, maybe they resent setting aside time to train their dog, maybe they approach it in a negative way, maybe its not fun and rewarding for the human?

The simple fact is training begins the day that pup is born, the mum trains her litter in so many ways before they leave her safety net and come to their home where the training is then taken over by their human.

There is no doubt that if a pup is taken from the litter too early, it will most likely have social issues such as anxiety or aggression and that is because the dog mum teaches those skills in the litter pack and the human has to carry them on. When the pup comes to you the owner, its still going through vaccination so ground isolation is a must from the outside world and other animals. You can however carry the pup out to meet people, invite people to meet the pup at your home but not a bunch at a time or you will overwhelm and scare the pup.

From the day your pup hits the floor at your house, training begins: potty training, sit, stay, come, paw, high five, toys by name – a working pup can do all of these commands so make it fun for them and for you. Its just one task and two minutes at a time, don’t make it a chore, make it fun, have a cuddle afterwards and enjoy what you are achieving together. Do it across each and every day with every spare two minutes you have. Doing just two minutes at a time, imagine how many training minutes you can get into just one day! Your pup is not only going to bond with you so much better but is also going to respond to you when you can go out into the world and start walking on lead, doing recall work, and interacting with other dogs that now can come to your house and meet the new pup.

If you have put the two minute multi task training into operation from day one then it becomes not only second nature to you but also your dog. It’s not a task, it’s a way of life and you will get the results you want. As the pup grows and becomes familiar with each command, introduce more, make it more complex, ask for two commands, if you do not stretch your pups brain they will become distracted, annoyed and destructive and then nobody is happy.

The clear message is that we as humans have the ability to learn and grow our knowledge until the day we leave the earth – your dog does as well and they want to, so get onto it, don’t give up because they are worth your time and its also great for our own self esteem when we get our own dog to follow the commands we give.

Just as a footnote: Your dog can be any age when you put two minute training into action - it will work and it will bring you closer.

Stop Digging

It can get rather frustrating if your dog likes to dig up your yard. Try and determine the cause of the digging, then work to eliminate that source (usually boredom). Give your dog more exercise, spend more quality time together, and work on extra training.

Quick Fix: If digging seems inevitable, set aside an area where your dog can freely dig, like a sandbox. Train your dog that it is acceptable to dig in this area only.

What about the holes already dug up?

If you want to cut out digging in the garden altogether then get some reo mesh (ask for off cuts from a building site in exchange for a few beers). Just place a section of reo mesh over each hole and that spot is now safe from a re-dig. Grass can still grow and it can easily be removed when the problem digger has stopped creating havoc in the garden.

Eating the Trees

Some dogs do go to extremes and occasionally you will get a tree eater. This is a problem that can easily be solved.

Quick Fix: Pop down to your mechanic and ask him for some old tyres. Slice through th entire tyre vertically so the tree trunk can still expand and with the expansion it makes it easy to wrap a bigger tree trunk. Place the tyres around the tree trunks up a few levels - no more chomped on trees.

While you are playing with the tyres, why not make one of the best toys ever. Your dog will have hours of fun with some tree tyre swings and all it takes is some rope and old tyres. They love hanging off them, chomping them, jumping on and through them. So much fun.

Until nest time PAWS UP

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