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Chips, Pumpkin and Seniors - a weird combo or is it??

Updated: Apr 27


When a council is alerted to a stray dog and takes it to their pound, they are required by law to do just three things to try to find the owner:

  1. Check for a council registration tag or collar tag to find the owner.

  2. Scan for a microchip to try to find the owner.

  3. Advertise the dog as 'found' on their media platform.

Depending on each state's legislation, the council must hold onto the dog for between 7-10 days and then if no owner can be found, they can either sell the dog or euthanize the dog. Very sadly, many councils both city and country don't have the staff to facilitate the sale of dogs, so

an easy option is to euthanize the dog.

The importance of keeping your dogs Microchip information up to date is paramount to the return of your dog should they find themselves in the pound. When you move house and do your checklist of power, mail, water etc, add change dogs microchip address. It can be done online in a matter of seconds and here is a central link to help you out:

One big loophole is that some chips are only registered in one state, so if your dog was adopted from interstate, then have a look and get your registration up to date or at least across the border.


Runny poos are a nightmare to clean up and very distressing for your dog. Vets will tell you boiled chicken and rice will sort it which is good, but there is an alternative. The humble pumpkin should be a part of every dogs diet. It lines their gullet system and helps to sooth out gurgling tummy irritations, it stops runny poos happening when they do eat something a bit dodgy and it gives great fibre and nutritional value to their diet. A Kent, Jap or Blue has the best fibre content and the most important step is to include all the seeds and skin as that is where a lot of the beneficial vitamins and goodness are. A couple of dollops a day of blitzed pumpkin with skin and seeds will definitely improve your dogs health.

Feel free to download this information on the benefits of pumpkin and herbs for your dogs good health.

Tumeric basil pumpkin benefits
Download DOCX • 18KB


You may move a little slower and need an extra nap but is that any reason to be traded in for a newer model? Sadly the aging process takes it's toll on not only the humans but our dogs as well.

Senior dogs often find themselves in a pound as their replacement is more fun, is cuter, takes better selfies etc etc, the list goes on.

This is certainly one area where rescue groups such as Working Paws excel. We always have a line of potential adopters who are willing to take on a senior. After all, the destructive puppy years are gone, all the training is done and as a senior, a dog has learned what humans want and are very happy to just go with the flow.

They don't yank your shoulder out on walks, they understand your need for companionship and are happy just to share life with you. You can rely on their discretion as you pour your heart out to them and sometimes they even laugh at your jokes! The joy they show at being included in a loving family is heart warming for everyone and they have perfected the art of a couch snuggle to the level of expert.

We have two such experts in care right now. Seniors Jack & Max are still up for a daily walk, love being read to and sunbaking in the garden as their foster carer goes about their day. You can read all about them here:

Till next time, Paws Up

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