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Has your dog got a backup pawrent?

Have you made provision for your dog or left instructions in your will regarding the ongoing care of your dog should you pass away or suddenly become unable to look after your pets? You don’t have to be old to think about who is your dogs backup pawrent!!

A large portion of dogs that are surrendered to pounds and rescue groups are from relatives who are dealing with the death of a family member or have found themselves caring for a dog who is not their own and is not suited to their lifestyle.

If your dog ends up in a pound for whatever reason, the consequences can be pretty bleak. If the dogs owner is known, the pound is under no obligation to hold the dog for the mandatory 7 to 10 days - they can euthanise immediately. Pounds are generally under enormous stress so factors such as age, medical needs and behaviour will likely affect the decision.

Who does your dog love second to you and are they the backup pawrent?

Crunchy Munchy

Puppies will chew on anything that comes into contact with their mouth, including you. The best way to deal with their developing mouths and sore teeth is to redirect that focus and give them something that they can chew.

A cold carrot straight from the fridge will help sooth those sore gums, give them some goodness to chew on and help clean their teeth all at the same time. A cold carrot is soft and pliable enough that they can chomp on it without hurting their teeth.

Carrot carnage is real! The trail of chomped carrot can be prolific so if you are not into cleaning your floors continually, carrots are a great outside option.

Cow, goat horns or deer antlers can be brittle and cause fractures in young adult teeth so it is best to avoid these until the dogs mouth has fully matured.

Rolling Treat Dispensers

Here is a neat way to keep your dog occupied for a while and it won't cost you anything but a few pieces of dry dog food. Save all of your gladwrap, paper towel and toilet rolls and get the kids involved making this great toy. As most of us with working breeds know, physical exercise is super important but keeping their clever minds active is equally important.

Firstly pinch one end of the roll together and fold into itself forming a concave base. Thread the rolls along a piece of string and then hang it across an open area slightly above your dogs head height between a door, on the pergola, between trees etc.

The area needs to be safe for the dog so top of the stairs is probably not a good idea. Put a little bit of dry dog food in some but not all of the rolls and show your dog how to spin the rolls around and then leave them to it. It’s a lot of fun for them, the rewards are awesome and it’s a toy the kids can easily make for their dog.

Until Next Time, PAWS UP
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