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More than a Breath Freshener..

Did you know that dogs can also benefit from having parsley in their diet!

Flat leaf or curly leaf parsley has got to be one of the easiest herbs to grow and the best one to chew when you have garlic breath. Did you know that dogs can also benefit from having parsley in their diet! Parsley is a natural source of Iron and also contains vitamins K, C & A and also naturally contains Chlorophyll. So why does your dog need Chlorophyll, well number one is that it replenishes red blood cells in their body

Chlorophyll also helps the body in other ways. It …

  • Cleanses the body’s cells.

  • Fights infections.

  • Heals wounds.

  • Boosts the immune system

  • Detoxes all systems … particularly the liver and the digestive system.

  • Promotes digestive health … which is why many dogs with acute digestive problems eat a lot of grass, as grass also contains Chlorophyll.

  • Increases oxygen use which increases production of red blood cells.

  • Helps break down calcium oxalate stones in the bladder.

  • Reduces the ability of carcinogens to bind with DNA in the liver and other organs.

Apart from helping their stinky breath, a tablespoon of chopped parsley in their food can also help ease arthritis pain due to the large amount of vitamin K. Also, due to parsleys natural diuretic qualities, it can help flush toxins and inflammatory cells from the dog’s system.

There are so many more benefits to parsley but I think you get the idea that “a tablespoon of parsley a day can keep the vet bills at bay”….

Foster Fail!?!

In regular speech the word ‘fail’ has a dark cloud around it but in the world of Fostering, when you Foster Fail it’s definitely a champagne popping moment.

It happens to most of us, we usually don’t realize it’s happening but you can be assured that the dog behind the fail sure knows it’s happening and have orchestrated the whole thing.

When you finally admit to yourself that you are going to Foster Fail on the dog that’s in your care, all of the other foster carers have remarks like "took you long enough".

You see a Foster Fail isn’t a fail at all, it’s when that cheeky fur bag that you are fostering has decided that they have found their forever happy ever after home and you finally catch on to the fact that you just can’t let this one go.

Some people come into fostering in the hope that one day that special heart stealer will come along and when they do, most people just keep fostering. It is just so heart warming when a dog that you may have seen through a fairly dark time turns the corner and is able to live among people and other dogs. It does not mean that the tears don’t flow but it’s in happiness for their future which you as their foster carer had a helping hand in achieving.

If you have ever thought about becoming a foster carer and are ready to take that next step, please hit the link to our foster carer application: https://www.workingpaws.com.au/volunteer

Ask any working dog owner or breeder and they will all have their own reasons for which particular Australian Working Dog is their particular favourite.

8 Characteristics of Australian Working Dog Breeds

  • Intelligent.

  • Headstrong.

  • Robust and Powerful.

  • Independent.

  • Normally medium to large breed dogs.

  • Need extensive training.

  • Some can be destructive if not trained and socialized.

  • Generally NOT suitable for first time dog owners.

Kelpies could be described as the marathon runners of the Australian Working Dogs.

They can run virtually the entire day dropping between a gentle herd movement and a flat out sprint while bringing back a tearaway from the herd. They are tall and lean and genetically wired to keep going all day long when helping to muster. For many stockmen, this is their number one working dog of choice and a good worker from the correct breeding line can be worth thousands to purchase.

Cattle Dogs are almost the complete opposite,

they are short burst sprinters only, however can stay up with a herd as they move across the landscape. Cattle Dogs or Heelers as they are sometimes called are stocky, stubborn and have a big hard head so they can take the occasional kick from a cow. The exception to the rule is a Queensland Heeler or Cattle Dog. They are magnificent in every single way, big head and a tall stocky body and mostly doubly as stubborn. If you can train one of these and get them working, you have a true Cattle Dog champion.

Border Collies are a little more diverse as you have the short hair lean runners like a Kelpie and the big fluffy butt shaggy coat collies who are very similar in stature to the Cattle Dog. If you ask any Collie owner and they will tell you that their dog is everything a worker should be, they can do everything other breeds can do and have it all finished in time for the morning cuppa. There is no doubt that they are the cleverest ones, but also maybe the most challenging ones.

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