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Updated: May 8

How many people in your house give commands to the doggo? When you add in visitors, your dog could be receiving commands from upwards of ten people a week. A simple sit command could be anything from sit, sit down, can you sit, sit Fido, Fido please sit. Way too confusing for your dog to show you the best that they can be.

When you bring a new dog or pup (age is irrelevant) into your home, it is your responsibly to give them the tools. This starts with you and the way you command and teach them. Single word direct commands said with authority (not aggression) receive the greatest response.

Make a list of all commands you will use and put it in plain sight, not only to remind yourself but all family members and visitors. Explain the use of single word commands and where you are up to on the list so everyone knows what to do and how to best direct your dog.

Sit Down Drop Stay Come Paw Wait Heel Free Roll Spin Fetch etc etc.

You are the one responsible for your dogs’ behaviour, so give them the best and most consistent commands you can and then they can be your best ever dog.

Flying Projectiles

Wearing of seatbelts in vehicles became enforceable in the early 70’s and these days we don't think twice about buckling up. But what about the dog? Did you know that even the RSPCA can fine you for having an unrestrained dog in a moving vehicle, it's not just the police!

Every State and Territory has fines ranging from hundreds to the thousands of dollars and with all of us out of lockdown and hitting the great outdoors, there has never been a better time to start putting your dog into an appropriate restraint while you tour the city and country roads.

You can hook in with a harness to seatbelt clip, a collar to seatbelt clip strap, a collapsible crate in the rear seat or cargo area of your SUV. Most vehicles with a cargo door now come with hooks or loops that you can utilize to tie your dogs’ lead to – makes it much safer when the door opens and they spring out as well.

Could you be a Foster Carer?

There are so many dogs being surrendered to rescue groups and pounds for reasons from simply no longer required to can’t be bothered and then there are some genuine people that do need help, like our farmers and producers. In the past few years, Australia has and still is enduring floods, has been devastated by wildfires, mouse plagues and we have even had a human plague.

Many farmers have had to walk off their land as they cannot financially survive or ever hope to recover and where does that leave their 4-legged workers, their retired workers and their house dogs? Tears have been shed over the devastation and the losses, but foster carers can at least offer hope that their dogs do have a pathway to another chance at life.

If you have ever thought about it, why not put in an application and see if you can be the one who makes the difference to a dog’s life? Simply click:

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