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The Once Over

How often do you give your dog’s body a thorough once over from nose tip to tail tip? Its not something reserved for just during the grass seed season, but all year round. Giving your dog a weekly once over of their body can help in so many ways. You start by running your hands from the head, all over even ear tips and then through the neck and chest, the torso and rear end and then its flip them over and give the belly, legs and paws a once over.

You may find nothing, but you also may find a lump or a tear or a sore spot you were not aware of, so by doing this check on a weekly basis, you will pick up a little problem before it develops into something much bigger.

Not just for those with Pantaloon backends!

While you are doing the body check, you can also give their skin and fur a good rub and

brush. “But my dog has short hair, it does not need brushing”.

Well, that’s not entirely true, by using a rubber mitt style brush and working it backwards to the hair flow, you are stimulating the skin to promote it’s natural oils and prevent them from getting a dry, flakey and itchy skin. If dogs are in front of the heater or the air conditioning for lengthy periods, it dries out their skin. By giving the body a good massage with a rubber mitt you not only stimulate the skin but loosen all the dead fur. Then it’s just a matter of wiping all over against the fur flow with a damp cloth and you have saved yourself a little extra vacuuming.

Blow Your Coat

As some of you will know who have the fluffy variety of worker, the joy of the twice yearly blowing of their coat is an inside snow storm like no other.

The mini tufts of fur that you can gently pluck out of their pantaloons from a single coat blow out could cover the Hume Highway from Sydney to Melbourne – or so it seems. To make matters worse, with the weather being so erratic, now they seem to do a couple of extra mini coat blows. The rubber mitt method followed by a backwards wipe down with a moist cloth can also help in greatly reducing the amount of fur you will need to sweep up when this shedding apocalypse happens.

Exploding Dog Beds

Seriously though, every time one explodes my dog looks at me as if to say “ W H A T !” followed by the condemning look that says “I hope you got a warranty, like she had nothing to do with it” Well, I came up with the perfect solution, it's free and there has not been another exploding bed incident.

Baby Cot Mattress’s – they are perfect for all dogs but particularly seniors as they are thick enough to keep the chills from cold floors away, not too thick that dogs with limited mobility can not get onto them, plenty of room for a big stretch out or for two dogs to share and you can get a mattress protector. Depending how colour coordinated your house is, you can get washable cot sheets to match or you can make covers. You can change them frequently and keep them fresh.

But, here is the absolute best TIP. If you search for them on Facebook Marketplace in your local area, very often people are giving them away for free or for a minimal $10 just to get rid of them. The last one I collected, the very wonderful lady gave me all the mattress protectors, sheets and blankets as well – TOTAL BONUS. You can also pick up baby sheets etc at your local charity shop. You can even just collect the cot, chop the legs off and you have their very own 'Throne Bed'.

Since the implementation of this free dog bed system in our house, the fury one who previously exploded all dog beds has not even attempted to chew a single mattress.

Until Next Time PAWS UP

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