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Updated: Apr 19

In our weekly blog to you, we hope to take you behind the scenes of rescue, what really happens, some funny things and some reality checks, tell you some great tips from our foster carers, some insider info that 'professionals' don't tell you and share the stories both good and not so good about some of our foster dogs.

Getting The Jab

In the last two years, we the humans have all been lining up for our COVID vaccinations to help us stave off the worst effects of the pandemic. Did your dog miss their annual jab when vets were restricted to emergencies only? Best to make the call and find out.

To be fully protected your dog needs a C5 vaccination. This is a combination of a C3 vaccine which protects them from distemper, hepatitis and parvovirus and a KC which protects them from Kennel Cough. The C3 is injected but the KC is best taken up the nose for full effect.

Triennial C3 does not include KC

One of the new developments

in vaccinations is that your dog can get the Triennial C3 vaccine and it protects for three years, but you still must go every single year and get the KC to help protect your dog from suffering the worst effects of Kennel Cough. Winter is just around the corner so KC season is on its way.

Check if your dog is due and make an appointment for the vaccination so they do not suffer this winter.

Bees Helping Dogs???

We have all seen the pictures of nosey dogs who got a sting or two but during Kennel Cough and allergy season, Honey Bees are busy making the honey that can help dogs. That hacking kennel cough - like a child with whooping cough, is distressing for not only the dog but everyone who feels helpless while it struggles. You can ease that sore throat by coating it in honey several times a day and keeping their food soft and easy on their throat.

Here is a sensible Tip from one of our Foster Carers

Always keep a container of honey from your local area bee keeper in the pantry. (Easy to find them on FB Marketplace). Bees in your local area are gathering pollens that your dog is going to get exposed too as you walk the neighbourhood. These pollens will be infused into the honey that they produce. For dogs that suffer from hay fever, a daily dose of local honey can help bring those symptoms down a notch. For dogs that do get a mild dose of KC, the local organic honey is the best medicine to help that sore throat.

Have you checked when your dogs vaccination is due?

Till next week, Paws Up signing off

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